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Using The Ecosystem Approach To Implement The Convention On Biological Diversity: Key Issues And Case Studies (Ecosystem Management)

Through the 12 months 2000 case reports have been offered at workshops at the atmosphere process that have been held in Southern Africa, South the United States and Southeast Asia. This precis and research of workshop discussions and case reports is meant to be a source to help implementation of choice V/6 by means of events, the CBD Secretariat and all appropriate stakeholders.

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Pressing ERASE causes any file occupying the specified Index number to be overwritten. In the case of a directory transfer, it will overwrite any indexes it encounters from the specified index to the number of indexes it needs to accomodate all files in the directory. Files that are overwritten are permanently erased Pressing ENTER leaves existing files on the disk and places the Exported file(s) in the next available unused index number. If in doubt, use ENTER. You will be prompted to insert a DigiCart disk into the External Drive.

Also, see the Menu Appendix for a complete listing. Setup Menu This selection includes machine features you may want quick access to, regardless of how you are using the Editor. Setup appears as the first selection in all master menus. 1K ONE FOR EACH DIRECTORY THRESHOLD LEVEL SET DIRECTORY SAMPLE RATES GPI ASSIGNMENTS SYNC SOURCE SYNC/DNET ECHO INPUT DNET ECHO 5 COMBINATIONS INTERNAL EXTERNAL BNC XLR DIGITAL (XLR) SEE PAGE 15 SEE PAGE 16 SEE PAGE 17 ON OFF A complete discussion of sample rates will be found in the chapter on Recording.

The audio under a HOT KEY may be Inserted into a File being edited. A set of 10 HOT KEY assignments is stored with each Shortcut directory. Copy A Selected Segment To A Hot Key A highlighted audio segment can be Copied to a hot key by holding down copy, and pressing the desired hot key. The audio segment is also saved as a new File. A default File name will be presented, with an option to rename it. Type in the new name, or accept the default by pressing ENTER. When attempting to Copy or Cut to a Hot Key that already has a file assigned to it, you are warned.

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