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By Nickiphoros I Tsougarakis, Fellow Peter Lock (Au

The conquest of the Byzantine Empire by way of the armies of the Fourth campaign led to the basis of a number of Latin political entities within the lands of Greece. The significant other to Latin Greece deals thematic overviews of the historical past of the combined societies that emerged as a result of conquest.
With committed chapters at the artwork, literature, structure, numismatics, economic system, social and spiritual supplier and the crusading involvement of those Latin states, the amount deals an advent to the research of Latin Greece and a sampler of the instructions within which the sphere of study is moving.

Contributors are: Nikolaos Chrissis, Charalambos Gasparis, Anastasia Papadia-Lala, Nicholas Coureas, David Jaccoby, Julian Baker, Gill web page, Maria Georgopoulou and Sophia Kalopissi-Verti.

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29 Some claimants to the Latin Empire appeared ready to give substance to their title. In 1301, Charles of Valois, the brother of King Philip iv of France, married the heiress of the Latin Empire, Catherine de Courtenay. In preparation for an expedition to pursue his claim on Constantinople, Charles gathered an impressive array of allies. Besides the support of France, Charles enjoyed the backing of the papacy. 30 Venice, the duke of Burgundy, and Charles ii of Naples were numbered among Charles’ allies, who also established contacts with the Serbian king, Stephen Uros ii, with Latin lords in Greece, and even with discontented members of the Byzantine elite.

A particularly bitter point was the possession of Antioch, a city of great strategic importance for Byzantium, by the Normans, whose relations with the empire over the previous decades had been troubled to say the least. Nevertheless, the intimate connection of Byzantium with the crusades persisted throughout the 12th century. All the major campaigns for the Holy Land made contact with the empire one way or another. The armies of the First and the Second Crusade passed through Byzantine territory.

The turning point was the signing of the Viterbo Treaties, in May 1267. 25 From this point on, Charles was effectively placed at the head of any crusading activity in Greece. In the treaties, he had committed himself to launching, at his own expense and with his own forces, a considerable expedition to reclaim Constantinople. Charles was a determined and exceptionally capable ruler and his ambitions might have even extended to the imperial throne of Byzantium. For a time he seemed unstoppable and the immense threat he posed became the main concern of Byzantine foreign policy.

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