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By Stefan Gänzle, Kristine Kern

European Union (EU) macro-regional innovations, similar to those composed for the Adriatic Ionian, Alpine, Baltic Sea and Danube areas, goal to enhance transnational cooperation and coordination in a 'territorially outlined' surroundings. those thoughts suggest an built-in framework for cooperation concerning a variety of ecu member states, neighborhood corporations, sub-national specialists, civil society organizations in addition to non-EU associate countries.
The members query even if macro-regional thoughts are worthy tools for bettering actor-policy linkages on the eu, member/partner nations, and sub-national degrees, and even if the target of social, financial and territorial team spirit should be fulfilled via those strategies.

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Although the concept of MLG has become a buzzword in the field of European Studies and International Relations, its meaning and usage is still useful and appropriate. In a nutshell, MLG can be defined as an arrangement for making binding decisions that engages a multiplicity of politically independent but otherwise interdependent actors – private or public – at different levels of territorial aggregation in more-or-less continuous negotiation/deliberation/implementation, and that does not assign exclusive policy competence or assert a stable hierarchy of political authority to any of these levels.

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