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By Edmund Wilson

The respected American author and journalist contemplates faith, struggle, Europe, Russia, the Jews, schooling, technological know-how, intercourse, and being 60.

My stronger pdf of Gimley's test, now unmarried web page, b/w history, OCR'd, bookmarked, cropped borders.

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A Piece of My Mind: Reflections at Sixty

The respected American author and journalist contemplates faith, warfare, Europe, Russia, the Jews, schooling, technology, intercourse, and being 60.

My greater pdf of Gimley's test, now unmarried web page, b/w historical past, OCR'd, bookmarked, cropped borders.

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It should never be attempted to make out a case for such exploits on moral THB UNITED STATES grounds. I shall return to this subject in the following section; but, in the meantime, it ought to be recognized that the phenomenon we are dealing with here is common to all social-political units that generate a force of expansion. The United States has not been exempt from the appetites that led to the conquests of Nebuchadnezzar's Nineveh, Caesar's Rome or Bonaparte's France. Americanism It is curious to trace the vicissitudes of the term Americanism.

I do not mean to exalt this republican sense as the touchstone of American merit. 8 A PIECE OF MY MIND but some have not had it at all. Justice Holmes felt a stake in the United States of a kind that his friend Henry James did not feel. He had served for three years in the Civil War; and he spent all the rest of his life grinding out judicial decisions on the benches of the Supreme Courts of Massachusetts and of the United States. A good deal that went on in the United States after the Civil War was certainly distasteful to him; he was even disposed to question the ideals of democratic government that the Republic was supposed to embody.

The managing editor was kept, at the price of his reversing his position and writing strongly interventionist leaders instead of isolationist ones. Our English patron-in-law took over the direction of the paper and published anonymous leaders, entirely composed by himself, which would have been intensely comic if the situation had not been humiliating-since they purported to express the opinions of the wellknown American editors but were actually exclusively occupied with plugging, in British cliches, the official British point of view.

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