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Here Tertullian, defending the church’s teaching against opponents who claim that it differs from that of scripture, decides to discuss first the question of whose property the scriptures are. Since he believes that in the course of the preliminary examination he can prove them the church’s property and at the same time discredit his adversaries, he asks for a prescription . We have already observed that Irenaeus’s insistence on the ‘authority of the church in matters of interpretation does not force him to choose between literal and allegorical exegesis.

Its historical occasion is the wedding of Solomon with the daughter of Pharaoh. At this point in his discussion a certain sense of decorum overcomes Theodore, and he insists that the wedding took place not for pleasure, but for the political stability of Israel. 12 In dealing with the New Testament, Theodore followed the tradition of the orient and refused to admit the Catholic epistles to his canon of scripture. 13 His Commentary on the Gospel of John reflects his customary interest in the work of the Holy Spirit.

When Paul says that all these things took place for an example [I Cor. ~ 66 A SHORT HISTORY OF THE INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE The school of Antioch insisted on the historical reality of the biblical revelation. They were unwilling to lose it in a world of symbols and shadows. They were more Aristotelian than Platonist. ’ This understanding does not deny the literal meaning of scripture but is grounded on it, as an image is based on the thing represented and points towards it. Both image and thing are comprehensible at the same time.

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