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4) Elderly Housing Projects: Projects for the elderly that are designed with special facilities may have a percentage of the units set aside for the handicapped, with provision of the additional services needed. (4) Congregate Housing: A residential environmentassisted independent livingthat incorporates shelter and services for the functionally impaired and/or marginally socially adjusted elderly or handicapped persons, enabling them to maintain or return to a semi-independent lifestyle and avoid institutionalization.

Mental Hospital: An institution for mentally ill individuals. (2) 16. Prisons: A building, usually with cells, where convicted criminals are confined or where accused persons are held while awaiting trial. (5) 1 = Baker, Seltzer, & Seltzer (1977) 2 = Heal, Novak, Sigelman, & Switzky (1980)3 = Lensink (1980)4 = Thompson (1977)5 = Webster (1980) A primary living environment for children and young adolescents would be to enable them to reside within the natural family (option #2). There are a multitude of personal reasons why parents choose to place a child with severe handicaps outside the home setting.

His competent behavior far overshadowed behavior which did cause negative attention from some baseball fans . . but it was tolerated! How do the above two examples relate to residents who are severely handicapped? , drooling, incontinence, lack of mobility, hand flapping, etc. ), but to enable that individual to possess competent behavior so that the remaining deviant behavior will be more tolerated by others. Examples of competence can range from learning how to be an excellent swimmer or being able to assemble a complex circuitry board to the ability to be pleasant when someone is talking to you (this behavior is surely valued and appreciated and certainly something not everyone has).

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