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William Ward's account of the Hindu groups between whom he served as a Baptist missionary in Serampore in West Bengal was once first released in 1811 and reprinted during this 3rd variation in 1817. It used to be a really influential paintings that formed British perspectives of the newly outlined entity of 'Hinduism' within the early 19th century. Ward and his fellow missionaries promoted social reforms and schooling, developing the Serampore project Press in 1800 and Serampore collage in 1818. Ward committed 20 years to compiling his examine of Hindu literature, historical past, mythology and faith, which used to be finally released in 4 volumes. It supplied richly designated info, and used to be considered as authoritative for the subsequent fifty years. it really is for that reason nonetheless an incredible resource for researchers in components together with Indian background, British colonialism, Orientalism and non secular experiences. quantity 1 describes and categorises Hindu deities and gadgets of worship, celestial, terrestrial, animate and inanimate.

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Apollo had in one hand a harp, and in the other a shield of arrows. The history of Krishnu is chiefly found in the Shree-Bhagiivutu; the outline of which will be seen in vol. i. p. 193, &c. Several festivals in honour of this god are held annually, at which times the greatest licentiousness prevails among all ranks. A great proportion of the Hindoo population in Bengal are devoted to Krishnii11. His intrigues with the k This goddess, it is said, was dug out of the ground by king Junukii, when he was ploughing his field.

Appears to resemble much the orgies of Bacchus, especially in the behaviour of the devotees r , who are said to have run up and down the streets with their hair disheveled, and with lighted torches in their hands. —These siinyasees, though taken from the lowest order, wear the poita as bramhuns during this festival. Kennett, in his Koman Antiquities, book v. p. ' • I am credibly informed, that a Hindoo, once on a visit at a temple xxx INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Kalu-Bhoiruvu, in which form he cut off Brumha's head, which is seen in one of his hands.

The Scythians, the Druids, and other ancient nations, it is well known, worshipped this energy in its destructive forms in gloomy recesses, and there offered human and other victims. In the caverns of Salsette and Elephants, too, the same horrid rites were practised "by gloomy ascetics. c 2 xx INTRODUCTORY REMARKS those horrid rites, which took their rise in the common error/ that the energetic principle is the chief object of worship. Thus the indwelling principle is adored in whatever form it is supposed to display itself: in the cow, as a form of Bhuguviitee; in the boar, as an incarnation of Vishnoo; and in an ascetic, who has passed through religious austerities supposed to be too dreadful to be borne without support from the divine inhabiting energy.

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