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Jeanine works on the automobile manufacturing assembly line for General Motors (GM). Jeanine was hired by GM right out of high school and moved up from a clerical job to the assembly plant floor within a few years. She earns an excellent salary and has vacation time and benefits. Jeanine can remember when everyone in the plant smoked, and all of their smoke breaks were taken indoors. Once, there were even cigarette vending machines in all the break rooms. Back in those days, no one thought about quitting.

He is also in the middle of a career switch, so he can remove himself from the daily proximity to alcohol. He has obtained an entry-level marketing job with an entertainment company, which requires office meetings with corporate clients rather than long evenings in smoky bars with musicians. Like many addictions, Jerry’s problem began with casual use that grew out of control over time. Jerry entered his addiction with the knowledge of his family history of alcoholism. Yet, like most addicts, he thought he would be able to control his alcohol use.

The doctor started Brian on treatment for these symptoms. Brian is trying to stay off of marijuana, but has occasional relapses. He has a hard time accepting the fact that he may have to end his relationship with his girlfriend, who still uses marijuana, if he wants to stay clean.

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