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By George Schlossnagle

During the last 3 years personal home page has advanced from being a distinct segment language used so as to add dynamic performance to small websites to a robust device making powerful inroads into large-scale, business-critical internet structures.   The speedy maturation of Hypertext Preprocessor has created a skeptical inhabitants of clients from extra conventional "enterprise" languages who query the readiness and talent of personal home page to scale, in addition to a wide inhabitants of personal home page builders with no formal desktop technology backgrounds who've realized in the course of the hands-on experimentation whereas constructing small and midsize purposes in Hypertext Preprocessor.   whereas there are various books on studying Hypertext Preprocessor and constructing small functions with it, there's a severe lack of knowledge on "scaling" personal home page for large-scale, business-critical platforms. Schlossnagle's complex personal home page Programming fills that void, demonstrating that personal home page is prepared for company net functions by way of exhibiting the reader tips to improve PHP-based purposes for max functionality, balance, and extensibility.

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Arbitrarily verbose text block. Long Description allows for HTML in the comments for specific formatting. tags is a list of phpDocumentor tags. The following are some important phpDocumentor tags: Tag Description @package [package name] The package name @author [author name] The author information The type for the var statement following the comment @var [type] @param [type [description]] The type for the input parameters for the function following the block @return [type [description]] The type for the output of the function You start the documentation by creating a header block for the file: /** * This is an example page summary block * 31 32 Chapter 1 Coding Styles * This is a longer description where we can * list information in more detail.

N n n Here are two examples of class declarations that illustrate this convention: class XML_RSS {} class Text_PrettyPrinter {} Method Names The Java style is to concatenate words in multiword method names and uppercase the first letter of every word after the first (that is, using studly, or camel, caps). Here’s an example: class XML_RSS { function startHandler() {} } Naming Consistency Variables that are used for similar purposes should have similar names. Code that looks like this demonstrates a troubling degree of schizophrenia: $num_elements = count($elements); ...

While plenty of texts (including academic computer science texts) use nonsense variable names as generics, such names serve no useful purpose and add nothing to a reader’s understanding of the code. ” A variable’s scope is the block of code in which it can be accessed without taking special steps to access it (known as “bringing it into scope”). You can break PHP variables into three categories of variables that can follow different naming rules: Truly global—Truly global variables are variables that you intend to reference in a global scope.

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