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By Sir David Bates (ed.), Benjamin Bederson (ed.)

This sequence, confirmed in 1965, is worried with contemporary advancements within the common sector of atomic, molecular and optical physics. the sphere is in a kingdom of swift development, as new experimental and theoretical innovations are positioned to undergo on many elderly and new difficulties. Such difficulties diversity from reports of the basic homes of radiation and subject, via stories of hitherto inaccessible states of "ordinary" and unique atoms and molecules, the keep watch over of atoms and molecules by way of gentle, the behaviour of atoms and molecules in extreme radiation fields, the precise constitution of such platforms, together with complicated molecules and molecular clusters, and quite a lot of interplay phenomena between atoms, molecules, their constituent components and fields. subject matters coated comprise similar utilized components, equivalent to atmospheric technology, astrophysics, floor physics and laser physics.

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1 . Cross section a2of two-photon ionization of the hydrogen atom in the field of linearity polarized ( - ) and circularly polarized ( - - - ) radiation. n = 2, 3, 4 are the intermediate onephoton resonances with excited states characterized by the indicated main quantum numbers. 38 Ammosov, Delone, and tvanov The perturbation theory calculations of the cross section require information about the atom spectrum and can only be made by a computer with special programs. Here we shall not consider this aspect of the problem, which has been discussed in detail in Delone and Krainov (1985), Faisal(1987), Morellec et al.

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