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By Masayasu Hiraoka, International Congress on Electrocardiol

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Trayanova 18 Ablation New Ablation Technologies for VT A. d'Avila 832 837 839 xxxii Catheter Ablation of Primary VentricularFibrillation: Mapping Methods and the Mechanism of Catheter Ablation A. Nogami 841 Endocardia1 ElectroahatomicalSubstrate and Catheter Ablation in Patients with Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy and Monomorphic Ventricular TachycGdia K. Satomi 852 Author Index 855 1 Long QT Syndrome This page intentionally left blank 1979-2004 :25 YEARS OF THE INTERNATIONAL REGISTRY FOR THE LONG QT SYNDROME.

Pacemaker shift from sinoatrial node (SAN) to ectopic focus close to right superior pulmonary vein (RS-PV)-atrium junction after treatment with ryanodine (2 pM). CT, crista terminalis; IAS, interatrial septum; IVS, inferior vena cava; RA, right atrium; SVC, superior vena cave. Stars indicate leading pacemaker site; thick lines, block zone; dots, recording sites. 2. Pacing-induced Spontaneous Activity in PVs Afler Treatment with Ryanodine In order to elucidate the ryanodine-induced spontaneous activity in the PVs, small tissue preparations including the myocardial sleeve were isolated form the rabbit superior right or left PVs and the transmembrane potential recordings were made [16].

Schwartz PJ, Priori SG, Cerrone M, et al: Left cardiac sympathetic denervation in the management of high-risk patients affected by the long-QT syndrome. Circulation 2004; 109:1826-1833. 61. B, During fright. Tracings in B are simultaneous. T wave alternans, in amplitude (Dl) and in polarity (D2 and D3), is evident. 15 FIGURE 2 For details, see text. 16 Figure 3 Dear Dr, Berlcr~t For details, see text. 17 FIGURE 4 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Department of Medicine. Medial School, Horpad Sneer, Johannesburg, South A f i m 2 4 t h Septentber, 1973.

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