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He stared hard at me, with the sort of look in his eyes that said he wouldn't have minded force-feeding his boot down my throat. I'm not really much into taking risks with my life, but I trusted that we were good enough friends that he'd let me slide and just be angry enough to stay on instead. I sort of hate manipulating people, but I can do it when I have to. I got lucky. Charlie nodded his head and walked away from me. I knew I'd have to placate him later, but at least he wasn't leaving or tossing me over the bow of my own yacht.

They didn't look quite right. They didn't look human, but again, the pictures were not as clear as I would have liked. " I pointed to one of the dark shapes. This one looked almost like it had a tail. "I have no earthly idea. " Parsons shrugged his shoulders again. "I wish I could tell you. " I looked at Parsons and decided he just might be crazy. Everyone had heard about the Silver Swordfish and even thinking about it was enough to send a few shivers through me. I'd heard about it, and so had damned near everyone working the fishing lines on the eastern seaboard around the same time that the Swordfish showed up, but I did my best to hide my discomfort because I wanted to hear what Parsons would say.

A lot of them have never been explained. Back all the way to the Revolutionary War there have been ships going down in the area. In a two-year span, you had the HMS Thornton, the HMS Independent and the HMS Ashbury all sunk in the area. There was a small settlement back then, maybe a few hundred people, but there are no records that anyone in the area actually had any encounters with the ships. They just sank. " He nodded. " "Well, I've seen a few nor’easters that could take down an armada, and wouldn't have a problem with the ships available back then.

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