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By Garth Nix

The dream global Aenir isn't a secure place.  One fallacious step can result in threat, entrapment...or death.  Tal and Milla needs to struggle their means via this transferring landscape.  they're looking for the Codex, a mystical item that may make a decision the destiny in their worlds.  Many creatures stand of their way--from the cloud-flesh hurricane Shepherds to a swarm of venomous Waspwyrms to a frightening determine named Hazror.  Tal and Milla can't go away Aenir with out the Codex.  yet discovering it could endanger them greater than they have ever dreamed...

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Tal changed the light in his Sunstone from white to red and sent a Red Ray of Destruction blasting out at Hazror's head. Hazror countered with a Violet Shield of Discontinuity, and the Red Ray disappeared into some other, unknown reality. But the Shield only covered his head. Blasting off another ray at his enemy's knees, Tal dove to the ground. That saved his life. Hazror instantly counterattacked and a great blast of Indigo light flashed over Tal's head. Tal didn't even know what the spell was, except that it was enormously destructive.

Ripples suddenly spread where the water had been calm. A mast shot up out of the water, a slender pole that was quickly followed by a carved bow and stern and then an entire ship. Water gushed off and out of it as it rose and the bow turned to the shore where Zicka was waiting. Milla stared. The ship, apart from its lack of runners, was an exact replica of a small Icecarl iceship, of the kind called an Orskir. It was a three- or four-person vessel that a Sword-Thane might have, or a Shield Maiden messenger.

The only thing. But now he was wondering if Milla could ever see it his way. Maybe making her swap her shadow for a Spiritshadow was like a Chosen not having a Spiritshadow. Maybe… maybe he'd turned her into a sort of Icecarl Underfolk. He'd really destroyed her future, he realized, when all he'd given up was his choice of Spiritshadow. She would want to kill him, Tal decided. But he couldn't let her, because right now saving Gref and his family was more important than anything else. No matter what it cost.

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