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By J. Thomas Dutro Jr., Richard Vincent Dietrich, Richard M. Foose

One of many best-kept secrets and techniques in geology is that this convenient compilation of geological details. even though pocket-sized, this spiral-bound and easy-to-read ebook deals a great deal of worthy info corresponding to geologic map symbols, actual standards graphs and charts, projection nets, checklists, and knowledge on approximately a hundred subject matters. perfect for speedy reference within the box, lab, and place of work.

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C Figure 2. Isoclinal folds. AP, axial planes. (A) Vertical isoclinal folds. (B) Inclined isoclinal folds. (C) Recumbent isoclinal folds . A a Figure 3. Some varieties of folds . AP, axial plane. (A) Chevron fold. (B) Box fold . A a Figure 4. Monocline and terrace. (A) Monocline. (B) Structural terrace . / .... i ; a Figure 5. Some varieties of folds . AP, axial plane. (A) Fan fold. (B) Kink bands. A fracture may separate the kink band from the rest of beds. 3 A B Figure 6. Open and closed folds .

Limbs dip at different angles. AP is inclined. 3. Overturned fold. Limbs dip in same direction but not same amount. AP is inclined. 4. Recumbent fold. AP is nearly horizontal. 5. Isoclinal fold (Figure 2). Limbs are parallel. AP may have any orientation. 6. Chevron fold (Figure 3). Limbs make sharp, V-shaped juncture at crest and trough of fold. 7. Box fold (Figure 3). Limbs make box-like shape. 2 8. Monocline (Figure 4) . Single limb dips in one direction but with differing amount of dip. 9. Structural terrace (Figure 4) .

88 Talc Mg SI 4o 3 Monoclinic Diagnostic Features Micaceous light color; folia Similar Speclas May be confused with phlogopile or lepidolite; biotite is the dark mica Common Occurrence Granites, pegmatites, metamorphic rocks, especially schists. Fine-grained fibrous variety Is sericite, common as hydrothermal alteration product or retrograde metamorphism. 8 talc 3SH<5 Natrolite Na2AI 2Si;p 10 •2 H20 Colorless or wt Orthorhombic Vitreous Typically acicular; radiating habit Other zeolites are similar in appearance and occurrence Lining cavities in basalt; with other zeolites.

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