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By Peter Orlik, Volkmar Welker

Orlik has been operating within the region of preparations for thirty years. Lectures in this topic comprise CBMS Lectures in Flagstaff, AZ; Swiss Seminar Lectures in Bern, Switzerland; and summer season university Lectures in Nordfjordeid, Norway, as well as many invited lectures, together with an AMS hour talk.

Welker works in algebraic and geometric combinatorics, discrete geometry and combinatorial commutative algebra. Lectures regarding the publication contain summer time college on Topological Combinatorics, Vienna and summer season university Lectures in Nordfjordeid, as well as a number of invited talks.

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26 1 Algebraic Combinatorics Proof. Since [In(B)] ⊂ [In(I)] and hence D ⊂ C, we see that π : C→A is surjective. We must show that nbc monomials are independent in A. The K-module C is graded by [n] because it is generated by monomials. It is also graded by L(A) because all its generators are independent sets, and this grading is finer, so C p = ⊕Y ∈Lp CY for 0 ≤ p ≤ n. If eS ∈ C, then each eSi ∈ C and hence ∂eS ∈ C, so ∂C ⊂ C. It follows that ∂CX ⊂ ⊕Y

6. The NBC complex of the Selberg arrangement Here βnbc = {(24), (25)} and the cohomology classes [(24)∗ ] and [(25)∗ ] form a basis for H 1 (NBC(A)). Next consider the complex (A(A), aλ ). If at least one λi = 0, then the map aλ : A0 → A1 is a monomorphism. The table below describes aλ : A1 → A2 in terms of these nbc generators. We use the notation λJ = j∈J λj . a13 a14 a1 −λ3 −λ4 a2 a3 λ15 a4 λ1 a5 −λ3 a15 a23 a24 −λ5 −λ3 −λ4 −λ5 λ2 λ25 λ13 −λ4 a25 −λ5 −λ5 λ24 The remaining calculations in this example were provided by Dan Cohen.

R(Y )=q+1 Y >X1 Step 2. We have decompositions C q−1 (NBC, R) = C q−1 (NBC(AX ), R) X∈L r(X)=q and 38 1 Algebraic Combinatorics Aqy = Aqy (AX ). X∈L r(X)=q Note that the map Θq is compatible with these decompositions. In other words, Θq induces q ΘX : C q−1 (NBC(AX ), R) −→ Aqy (AX ) for each X ∈ L with r(X) = q. Since D(AX ) ⊆ D(A), we may assume that A is nonempty central when we prove the last half of the theorem. Step 3. Suppose that A is nonempty central. Let r = r(A). Let 0 ≤ q ≤ r. We prove that the induced map q ΘD : C q−1 (NBC, RD ) −→ AqD q is an isomorphism by induction on r ≥ 1.

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