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Audollent H. Bagard G. Ballet J. Becquerel E. Bichat H. Bordier A. Broca L. Bull A. Charpentier A. Colson C. Gutton G. Jegou Lambert J. Mace de Upinay E. -L. Mercanton E. Meyer J. Meyer C. Radzikowski E. Rothe G. Weiss A. Zimmern Emitters of N rays other than an electric discharge tube were soon discovered. The Welsbach mantle (known as the Auer lamp before Karl Auer was ennobled to Baron Welsbach by the Kaiser), a popular gas lamp for home lighting at the turn of the century, proved to be a rich source of these rays.

And 20 collaborators (1966). "Total Synthesis of Crystalline Insulin". Scientia Sinica, Volume 15, pp. 544-545; see also Science, Volume 153, pp. 281-283. Means, J. H. (1964). James Means and the Problem oj Manjlight, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D. C. Medvedev, Z. A. (1969). The Rise and Fall oj T. D. Lysenko, Translated by I. M. Lerner, Columbia University Press, New York. Morgan, T. H. (1909). ", American Breeder's Association, Volume 5, pp. 365-368. Sturtevant, A. H. (1965). A History oj Genetics, Harper and Row, New York.

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