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By Naomi Rich

At fourteen, Alis hasn't ever been open air her strict spiritual group. but if her mom and dad set up for her to marry a forty-year-old guy, she flees desperately to the damaging, unexpected urban. She learns speedy that the one approach to live on there's to turn into a thief—or worse. dealing with an most unlikely selection among a compelled marriage or existence at the streets, Alis seizes keep an eye on of her personal destiny. however the course she chooses units off a disastrous chain of occasions that depart her accused of homicide. Steadfastly unswerving, Alis needs to come to a decision: will she betray a family member or sacrifice herself?

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How could she watch this? Surely the man would die. Why had she not stayed with Sarah instead of putting herself forward so foolishly? Now the two captors who had been holding the prisoner were untying his hands and pulling him over to the whipping post, turning him round so that he had his back to the crowd. One of them ripped open the white smock and tore it away so that the skin of his back was exposed. Then they bound him to the post. When it was done, they all descended, leaving him there alone.

The room went still. He turned to look at her and her heart beat with sudden terror. What had she done? His face was a stone mask. When he spoke, his lips scarcely moved and the low voice hissed between them. “Do you dare to interrupt? ” Sarah gasped and cried out, “Thomas, no! ” For a long moment he held Alis in his stare. She could not wrench her gaze from his face. At last his expression changed, the familiar sneer lifting his lip. “You need have no fear, my dear Alis. I have no authority to punish you.

The nearer Communities traded with the city dwellers but hers was too far away for direct contact—weeks and weeks away, even if she went by wagon on the main highway, which she would surely not be able to do. Well, she did not care! She would get there somehow. The decision gave her hope and calmed the terror that had engulfed her the night before. In the meantime she knew she must not give any hint of her intention. Her mother must think that she repented of her rebelliousness, or a watch would be kept on her.

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