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The surreal numbers shape a procedure including either the normal genuine numbers and the ordinals. because their advent by way of J. H. Conway, the idea of surreal numbers has obvious a speedy improvement revealing many usual and intriguing homes. those notes supply a proper advent to the idea in a transparent and lucid sort. The the writer is ready to lead the reader via to a couple of the issues within the box. the themes lined contain exponentiation and generalized e-numbers.

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In these cases i t is much easier to use the second method. Recall that by the uniformity theorems, the computations may be performed using any representations; thus we may choose ones which appear to be most t r a c t a b l e . use the representation f r a c t i o n s below a and For example, for any real number a = F|G G where F is the set of a l l If a we may is the set of a l l dyadic fractions above This is a u n i f i e d formula which applies whether or not fraction. a dyadic a is not a dyadic f r a c t i o n , this is mutually cofinal with the standard representation, but i t d e f i n i t e l y is not mutually cofinal a a.

It that the result is the sequence AN INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY OF SURREAL NUMBERS 50 consisting of a single plus followed by u>-2 minuses. In particular, we do not have w 2 minuses as one may naively guess. Of course, the contrast between the behaviour of ru and re should make an alert reader suspicious of such a guess at the outset. It is next of interest to investigate e+e 2 . Is it the sequence for e followed by the sequence for e 2 ? Well {0}|{^-} + {0}|{^} = {e,e2}|{e + ^ , e 2 + -} = {e}|{de} where d is the set of all dyadic fractions larger than 1.

Several more remarks are worthwhile to mention a t this point. F i r s t , we take for granted obvious i n e q u a l i t i e s involving i n f i n i t e or i n f i n i t e s i m a l elements ( e . g . , for a l l positive real wr-n i s positive i n f i n i t e ) cofinality. M M and integers n, and apply them to obtain information about Secondly, r e c a l l the d e f i n i t i o n of m u l t i p l i c a t i o n and a = A1 |A" consider r ll b = Bl|B". and l l a"b+ab -a b }|{a b+ab"-a b", Then ab a'^+ab'-aV}.

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